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Advanced Hampshire Heating

Advanced Hampshire Heating offers a range of professional boiler services in Fareham and the surrounding areas. Trust us for reliable and efficient heating solutions.

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Boiler Specialists Fareham

We Cover Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Wickham and More!

Our team of 5-star rated boiler experts in Hampshire are committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding your expectations. We prioritise customer satisfaction and are dedicated to providing effective heating solutions for your home.

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New Boiler Installer in Fareham

Upgrade to a New Boiler - Installation Services

If you’re searching for an upgrade to a new boiler in Fareham, our team of skilled professionals can provide you with prompt, dependable, and reasonably priced boiler installation services in Fareham. Get in touch with us now to discover more about our options.

Expert Replacement Boiler Installation Services

We offer speedy and proficient installation services to replace your outdated or ineffective boiler. Contact us now to find out more about enhancing your heating system.

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Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair Services in Fareham

Emergency Boiler Leak Repair

If you have a boiler that is leaking and requires immediate attention, our emergency boiler experts are accessible round-the-clock to resolve the problem and bring your home or business back to its usual functioning state. Contact us without delay for speedy and dependable repairs.

Boiler Not Heating Up?

Don’t allow a cold home or business to inconvenience you. Our boiler experts are available to provide prompt solutions for boilers that aren’t generating heat. Contact us now for speedy and dependable repairs.

Strange Boiler Noises

If you detect unusual sounds coming from your boiler, we advise you to have it examined before it develops into a bigger issue. Our team is well-versed in the most frequent causes of boiler noises, and we can assist in resolving the problem.

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Boiler Servicing and Maintenance in Fareham

Yearly Boiler Service

We offer annual boiler servicing in Fareham to guarantee that your heating system functions effectively and securely. Our experts will carry out a thorough examination and cleaning of your boiler, pinpointing and tackling any possible problems. Routine servicing can contribute to prolonging your boiler’s lifespan, enhancing energy efficiency, and avoiding potential breakdowns.

Expert Boiler Maintenance

Keep your boiler operating effectively with our expert maintenance services. Our team of specialists in Fareham possesses the know-how and experience to deliver top-notch maintenance for your heating system.

Boiler Diagnostic

Need Your Boiler Servicing In Fareham?

Gas Safety

Boiler Safety Services in Fareham

Landlord Gas Safety Checks

As part of our services, we provide expert landlord gas safety checks in Fareham to make certain that rental properties adhere to the required safety standards for gas appliances. Our professionals will carry out an in-depth inspection of all gas appliances, such as boilers, cookers, and fires, to guarantee that they function safely and efficiently. Upon completing the inspection, we will issue you a Gas Safety Certificate, which is a legal obligation for landlords in the UK.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Protect your home or business from the dangers of carbon monoxide with our expert detector installation services. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable and reliable installation options.

Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Installation

The boiler pressure relief valve serves as a crucial safety mechanism intended to discharge surplus pressure from a boiler if pressure accumulation occurs.

Routine upkeep and examination of the pressure relief valve are vital to guarantee its proper functioning and avert any possible safety risks.

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Thermostat Installation Services in Fareham

Hive Thermostat Installer

We offer expert installation services for the Hive thermostat system, which aims to enhance energy efficiency and grant increased control over your heating system.

Our skilled professionals will set up and fine-tune the Hive thermostat, delivering expert guidance on utilising and maintaining the system.

Google Nest Thermostat Installer

Our group of specialists can deliver expert installation services for the Google Nest thermostat system, an intelligent and energy-saving thermostat that affords enhanced control over your heating system.

We will set up and adjust the Google Nest thermostat to work flawlessly with your heating system, supplying you with a cosier and more energy-efficient home.

Additionally, we will provide expert guidance on utilising and maintaining the system.

Hive Thermostat Installer
smart thermostat installers

Smart Thermostat Installer In Fareham

Magnacleanse flush system

Magnacleanse Flushing Services in Fareham

Magnacleanse Flushing System

Utilising the MagnaCleanse flushing system can boost the efficiency and performance of your heating system, reduce energy expenses and the probability of breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of your heating setup.

Moreover, the MagnaCleanse system can improve the quality of heat produced, making your home or business more comfortable and inviting.

Central Heating Cleaning

If you’re encountering problems with your heating system or wish to guarantee that your system functions at optimal efficiency, get in touch with us at Advanced Hampshire Heating today.

Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service and making certain that your heating system operates securely and efficiently.

Magnacleanse Flushing System In Fareham

Air Conditioning Installation Services in Fareham

Air Conditioning Installer

We provide professional installation services in Fareham for air conditioning units, designed to improve energy efficiency and offer greater control over your cooling system.

Our experienced technicians will install and calibrate the air conditioning units, giving expert advice on how to use and maintain the system.

Air Conditioning Repair

Our team offers repair services for air conditioning units to guarantee they operate effectively and securely. Our proficient HVAC technicians possess the expertise to identify and resolve any problems with your air conditioning unit, maintaining a comfortable and cool environment for your home or business. With our repair services, you can rest assured that your air conditioning unit is well taken care of.

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LPG Boiler

LPG Boiler Installer in Fareham

LPG Boiler Installation

We offer reliable new LPG boiler installation services to enhance your home’s heating system.

Our skilled engineers can install a variety of LPG boiler models to accommodate your particular needs and guarantee that your heating functions efficiently.

With our installation services, you can trust that your new LPG boiler is installed accurately and securely by Gas Safe registered engineers.

LPG Boiler Services and Repairs

We provide repair services for LPG boilers. Our Gas Safe registered engineers can identify and resolve any problems with your LPG boiler, ensuring it functions efficiently and securely. LPG boilers ought to be serviced yearly by a Gas Safe registered engineer to confirm they are operating effectively and safely. Routine servicing can assist in detecting and addressing potential issues before they escalate into significant problems and can also prolong the boiler’s lifespan.

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