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Boiler Installations

Boiler installation and replacement refer to the process of installing or replacing heating systems to enhance their energy efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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Professional Boiler Installers Hampshire

We are boiler experts offering boiler installation and replacement services in Hampshire. We appreciate that a new boiler installation represents a substantial investment, which is why our highly skilled and experienced professionals aim to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service, guaranteeing that our customers are pleased with our work.

Our installation services are dependable, efficient, and reasonably priced, and we include warranty on each boiler installation along with flexible financing options to assist in spreading the cost, providing our customers with peace of mind and security.

Upgrade to a New Boiler In Hampshire

Searching for a new boiler in Hampshire? Upgrade to a more energy-efficient heating system with Advanced Hampshire Heating.

Our skilled experts can fit a variety of boilers, from conventional to combi and system boilers, tailored to your particular requirements and budget.

We provide adaptable finance options to assist with spreading the cost, and we include warranty on each boiler installation, ensuring that you’re covered in the rare event that something goes awry.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our installation services or to arrange an appointment.

Types Of Boilers We Install In Hampshire

Advanced Hampshire Heating is a foremost heating and plumbing firm in the UK, specialising in the fitting of an extensive array of boilers. Boilers are an essential element of any heating system, supplying hot water and warmth to residences and businesses. Our team of experts can assist you in selecting the ideal boiler for your requirements, guaranteeing its safe and efficient operation. Below are the types of boilers that we install:

Boiler fitted in a kitchen

Combi Boilers

Combination boilers, also called combi boilers, are a favoured option for small to medium-sized houses in the UK. These boilers offer immediate hot water and central heating without the need for a separate water storage tank. Due to their superior energy efficiency, combi boilers are an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that can also save space within your household.

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System Boilers

System boilers, often chosen for medium to large-sized homes, provide a continuous supply of hot water and central heating by utilising a separate hot water storage cylinder. These boilers are energy-efficient and offer an environmentally friendly solution for households with higher hot water demands, such as those with multiple bathrooms. Due to their capacity to supply hot water to multiple outlets simultaneously, system boilers are a practical and cost-effective option for larger households.

System Boiler

Need A System Boiler Installing?

Heat Only Boiler

A heat-only boiler, also known as a regular or conventional boiler, is a central heating system found in domestic households. It heats water for a separate hot water storage cylinder and central heating system. Key components include the boiler unit, hot water cylinder, cold water storage tank (in the loft), expansion tank, circulating pump, and heating controls.

Heat-only boilers are suitable for homes with older radiator systems, as they accommodate varying water pressure. They can also be used with solar water heating, making them eco-friendly.

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Ideal Logic Boilers

At Advanced Hampshire Heating, we are proud to offer a range of high-quality Logic Plus boilers at competitive prices.

Our available models and their respective prices are as follows:

  • 24kW Logic Plus: £1,750
  • 30kW Logic Plus: £1,900
  • 35kW Logic Plus: £2,100

Please note that these prices are subject to a site survey to ensure the best fit for your home. Our expert team provides seamless installation on a like-for-like basis, with a horizontal flue included (additional cost for vertical flue). 

Each boiler comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind, as well as a system filter and an in-line scale reducer to help maintain efficiency and longevity. Trust us to deliver exceptional service and a high-quality product for all your heating needs.

Ideal Logic Boiler

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How Much Does A New Boiler Cost?

The cost of a new boiler varies depending on several factors, including the type of boiler, installation complexity, and location. Contact Advanced Hampshire Heating to schedule a consultation and receive a detailed quote for your specific needs and budget.

How Long does it take to replace a boiler?

The price of a new boiler can fluctuate depending on various aspects, such as the boiler type, installation intricacy, and geographical location.

You can get in touch with Advanced Hampshire Heating  to arrange a consultation and obtain a comprehensive estimate that caters to your specific requirements and budget.

Do you need planning permission to install a new boiler?

In general, installing a new boiler doesn’t necessitate obtaining planning permission. However, if your residence is located in a listed building or conservation area, you may need to obtain approval from your local planning authority.

At Advanced Hampshire Heating, our team of proficient professionals can offer valuable insights and guidance regarding any planning permission prerequisites that may be applicable to your particular circumstances.

Is replacing a boiler a messy job?

Swapping out a boiler can be a messy undertaking, since it involves extracting the old boiler and installing a new one. Nevertheless, our skilled specialists at Advanced Hampshire Heating make every effort to minimise any clutter or disturbance throughout the installation procedure.

We use protective dust sheets and pay close attention to tidying up any debris, making sure that your residential or commercial space is left clean and organised.

Our squad is dedicated to providing a dependable and efficient service, guaranteeing that all tasks are carried out with the utmost level of quality.

Expert Replacement Boiler Installation Services

Local Engineer working on a boiler installation
Advanced Hampshire Heating

Professional boiler installation services offered by Advanced Hampshire Heating including financing options and warranty on each installation.